Whangaroa is known as the Marlin Capital of the World. Established 1925 then known as Whangaroa NZ Swordfish & Big Game Incorporated club and later Whangaroa Big Gamefish Club. Many NZ & World record catches have been caught over the years which are still happening currently.

Situated in the picturesque township of Whangaroa, Northland, New Zealand, Whangaroa Sport Fishing Club is host to many fishing tournaments throughout the year in the Whangaroa Harbour and surrounding area. The Cavalli Islands nearby are renowned for world class game fishing.

The towering cliff faces and deep water sheltered coves and inlets of Whangaroa Harbour offer perfect anchorages and to enjoy some fishing.

Whangaroa Sport Fishing Club and St Paul's Rock



 Welcome All New and Existing Sponsors

 for a Nibbles and Drinks evening at the Clubrooms

 6 pm Saturday 20th September 2014

  7pm Fishing Area Grid Auction

On behalf of our President, Vice President, Club Captain and committee we sincerely invite all our past sponsors and welcome all new potential sponsors along to our sponsors evening. This is an informal get together, a great chance to mix and meet all our team and other sponsors.

We have a VERY enthusiastic new Executive and Committee this year with a goal to promote our club fishing contests, increase our membership and visitor numbers, and promise this summer will be bigger and brighter than ever before.

As a SPONSOR, your company and specifically your products, will give you direct access to a very large and wide audience.  Apart from members and their guests we have many skippers and anglers visiting from most fishing clubs in NZ and large numbers of visitors from all over the world.  Our Club is a member of Clubs NZ giving us affiliation to 300 other CLUBS around NZ and over 270,000 MEMBERS in NZ.

This year our Web pages are getting spruced up and are linked to Facebook.  We have several new dedicated club members who will keep updating as events and catches happen!  Modern technology goes world wide instantly.  We are setting up a sponsors “one click” logo link to their web site.

This evening is to show our appreciation and to Thank You for the sponsorship and support you have given the Whangaroa Sport Fishing Club.


We invite you to bid in the Fishing Grid auction which will take place at 7pm.   There are 21 Fishing Grid Areas that are commonly communicated via VHF for example “The Cavalli Islands” will now be known by “Your Company Name” or maybe a specific product promotion should your bid be successful.

The grid positions are used on all our safety roundup calls for tournaments, the boat will identify their boat name, location “Your Company Name” and any fish landed or tagged and released. The new grid maps are printed in all our contest briefing booklets also displayed on a large wallboard in our club rooms all year. All grid details including Logos and fish catches are also loaded onto our web site.


I have attached a copy of our proposed Contest Calendar for the coming season. Our new committee’s vision has a get up and go attitude for our club, as a result we have made several improvements to our contests this coming season to enhance the competitive spirit of our anglers and supporters.

You will see we have a new, very important Junior contest in January this year which is open to everyone under 16 years of age.

The under 8m boat contest is now also an over 8m challenge and Clubs NZ  tournament has a new up graded format.

There are several tournaments which would benefit from your support and sponsorship. It is very important to us to KEEP ALL our sponsors happy. If you cannot attend,

please contact us if you have any inquiries for any sponsorship, or would like to contribute to a specific tournament. This will help our organizing Committees’ immensely.

We will welcome any good ideas to enhance and improve our contests. We would be pleased action any bids on your behalf for the auction – contact us via mail or email (wsfc@xtra.co.nz)

Thank you once again for the terrific support you have given the Whangaroa Sport Fishing Club.  It is greatly appreciated and we trust that we can look forward to your continuing support.

Please contact us by phone or email to help us with attendance numbers                    (Caterers need some idea)

Thanking you

President:  Jeanette Wilkins     021 817202

Terry  Lay   0274437812,

Vice President,      Sponsors and Competition Coördinator.

Club Captain:  Bruce Whyte


Darryl Bradly

Allan Murray

Alan Sharp

Lawrie Franks

Craig Worden.

Club Office       09 4050399


Grid map 2015